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Bloggers Everywhere!

Bloggers Everywhere!

Let’s face it.  We’re a social species.  We can only survive together.  I have never met Nietzsche’s Ubermann, and if he exists, he sure as hell doesn’t on  The self-sufficient blogger who writes without a community in which he could, but chooses not to, symbolically live is not a blogger at all.  He’s a man who writes in a private journal. No one sees his writings;  no one can interact with his thoughts and learn from/add to them.


  I don’t want to be this guy.  I want to create, evolve, and explore with other writers out there, whether they be football aficionados, coffee shop revolutionaries, street philosophers, or beatnik-era poets who snap their fingers at poetry readings instead of clapping (how awesome is that, by the way?).

   In this collective spirit, then, I have created this page in order to connect with my fellow bloggers and readers across the globe.  This page is my conduit into the matrix, and I’m not taking the red pill.  It’s all blissful ignorance here!  I’m setting up a feedback menu, where anyone and everyone can contact me if they want to mutually link pages, propose ideas for new blogs, or share thoughts on a common interest.  You will also find a lot of links to blogs I find interesting as I browse WordPress.

     I have literally just created this website a few hours ago (As of January 7th, ’13).   I’m fresh meat :). My guesstimate is that I am using 30% of the richness of WordPress right now, and could use some helpful pointers in the right direction.  I am thankful for any and all support lent, and will try my best to return the favor.

Here’s to the Blogger’s Community!

UPDATE: 1-19-2013

Because I am getting a few feedback posts asking me to write about various subjects, I will now be officially accepting requests for posts on topics of your choice.  Please leave me feedback, or comment on this page with your topic and I will write about it.  Please indicate whether you would like prose, poetic prose, or poetry when you send your request.

I will attempt to finish the requested post within a week of the date of application.

Thank you,

Chris Kirby

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