A Reverse Exorcism of Humility


This is the time of year when the chill seeps into my skin and caresses my soul with icy, lingering fingers, almost as if it’s been waiting all year for this.  And so it takes it’s time now, savoring the moment.  I can walk outside at night and feel how cold the black of the sky is; drink in this rigid dark ice.


I’m going to make a conscious effort to love other humans, to cease this constant hate towards them… stop my self-pitying.  I’ve  always considered others to have some value inherent in them, but only a very small value when compared to myself and those I consider friends and family.

As if a conscious awakening occurred only slightly, just enough to be aware of the filth of the world, but not enough to love it regardless.  A fracturing of the shell of ignorance, not a hole carved out to actually see something.

I have the intellect to hide behind my words; to distract people from my true self, and to delay the truth by piecing together lies to create a very artful, convincing obscurity.

I don’t believe I can attain the next level of consciousness except by through a convergence of both emotion and thought – a dialectical approach seems the only way.

It appears to me I’ve covered a vast distance, but when I look back, I see no footprints to mark my path.  I can only hope the arrow of time is splintering, or else I’m a very light-footed traveler.

The Grand Emergence of Aquashift’s WordPress Blog


I stumbled upon WordPress.com whilst battling, futilely, insomnia and apathy in the middle of the night in the dead of winter.  It is, and was, very cold outside, but not too cold to keep a lifelong smoker such as myself from going outside to have a few drags of my product during a bout of insomnolence.  But I digress.

If you are reading this you are most likely my Wife, my beloved heart and muse.  Otherwise, you stumbled as I did unwittingly into a den of chaos.  As I have just joined up and haven’t had time to gather my thoughts or create any semblance of order to the site, feel free to enjoy this cluttered confusion of a blog site, and while you’re at it, subscribe!

I am handy with words, if nothing else.  I will treat you to writing rampant with verbosity and orthographic penultimate perfection.

If you didn’t understand that above sentence, that’s OK!  I promise to write simply and straightforward sometimes.

There will be something for everyone.  The topics explored here will be staggering in eclecticism; Whether you are interested in 19th century dark poetry (Poe), ontological analysis, proximity-induced protein conformational structures, or the Minnesota Vikings (SKOL!), I will attempt to accommodate.

I made my wife, Phaedra, an administrator for this site.  You may or may not see some of her talent in the written word. *Teaser: she writes like a drunken Mary Shelley!  …  Well let’s face it, a ‘drunken Mary Shelley’ is a redundant phrase :P.  In any case you’ll be in for a treat.*
On a side note, I think it would be near damn impossible to dream up a story like Frankenstein without being a depressed alcoholic.  The whole story stinks of whiskey-induced ideas,if you ask me.  How depraved can you be to write about such depravity?  But with a husband like Percy Shelley I suppose one would have to handle the stress somehow, and they didn’t have Xanax or Prozac in those days.
Well, this short post will have to do for the Grand Emergence of the site.
I love you Phaedra.