Current News


When I first started this blog a month ago, I had a few ideas as to how it would be, none of which came into fruition as the blog formed.  I have a lot of current events types of posts with nowhere to put them.  Now I do!

Here you’ll find current events, mostly from the U.S., but some from around the world.  There will be lots of my own commentary along with the facts.

Please remember to hover your mouse cursor over the menu items to get to the actual posts.  The way I have this blog set up, there are pages (such as this one), that encompass a genre of posts, and if you hover your mouse over the page, the archive for all the posts pertaining to that particular genre will appear; click on that. (For example, this is the news page.  To get to the posts, hover over the ‘Current News’ link in the menu, and and a second option, entitled ‘News Posts,’ will appear.  Click on that to get the actual posts.

–   The Philosopher

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