The Minnesota Vikings



Rather than create a blog category for the almighty Purple People Eaters (also known as the NFL’s Minnesota Vikings team), I feel it necessary to create a whole page dedicated to all things Vikings.   I suppose blogging about them and football in general under a shared category would work just as well, but it wouldn’t drive home how important a subject the Vikes are to broach.  Sure, one little blog category just for them would lend some credibility to their momentousness, but to hell with nuance and classy understatements.  I BLEED PURPLE, and the Vikes deserve their own damn page on my website!

They also deserve a page that is themed exclusively for them, but unfortunately as of this moment does not allow plugins to bring this about., however does, and I plan on importing all my data from the .com to the .org in the near future.  Until then, the ‘featured image’ of the Viking’s Banner will have to do to christian this page.

Now, I am an avid reader of many Vikings bloggers, both official media writers and amateurs.  I really enjoy Mike Wobschall,  Dan Zinski and Christopher Gates, all three of whom reside in the ‘official camp.’  They report the pertinent news with their own personal slant.  They write cogently, (mostly) accurately, and  informatively.  They are excellent reads and I highly recommend them.  Giving links to their writings would be inane, as they are extremely easy to find with a simple Google search :).

I will attempt to use their information as well as numerous other sources available to me concerning the Minnesota Vikings and incorporate it into my blogs so as to create a clear picture of the ever-changing state of the NFL franchise, as well as my personal opinions on how they should proceed as a team, their statistical data relative to other important NFL clubs and events,  and of course recipes for finally getting their long-sought-after Super Bowl ring!

By now I will assume you realize how biased the thoughts and opinions will be presented in these blogs regarding the Vikings.  But you should also know I will be talking about all things football, not just the happenings directly related to my particular team.  This is because I am very interested in game play and the many variables, both tangible and intangible, that create the living, breathing game of football.  In other words, when I’m done ranting about how the Vike’s quarterback (QB) Christian Ponder should have made more of an effort to start the playoff game against the hated Green Bay Cheeseheads, bursitis and  forearm pain be damned, and how his truancy in the matter may effect his long-term prospects with the team, I will eventually get to talking about offensive and defensive play, such as history of the wishbone formation and its evolution through time to fit the ever-changing needs of an NFL team’trying to reinvent itself and come up with a brand new playbook.  And when I do, the tone of the writing will be as neutral as I can get it.  As much as I love my club, I love football more, and complete neutrality is necessary when discussing theoretical gameplay and such.

Anywho, I hope you enjoy the upcoming reads, as well as the links to other bloggers on this subject.  And hey, if football just isn’t your thing, I have made plenty of room on my site for discussion of other, perhaps more scholarly .  Although participation in the thoughts and ideas I will present would be appreciated, I don’t know how much traffic I’ll get here, so my main concern lies in simply getting this information out there, and keeping my expectations low.


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