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As of January 18th, 2013, I am now accepting requests and ideas for new posts for this blog.  If you like my writing style, and want me to write about a certain topic, you now have the option of requesting a post from me.

Please use the feedback box below.  Specify what categories and subject(s) you would like me to cover in a post, as well as the writing style preferred (prose, poetic prose, or poetry).  I will try to process and carry out all requests within one week of the date it was received on.


1)   I will not write anything profane or overtly sexual except in extreme cases where there is contextually a good reason to, and never in abundance… So don’t ask!

2)   This is a free service, so don’t abuse it or I will discontinue doing it.

3)  In the event you don’t specify the writing style preferred, or have no preference, I will choose based on the random mood I am in at that moment.

4)   If you ask me to write about the Dallas Cowboys in any positive light whatsoever I will block you!!!! 😛

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