The Super Bowl 2013 Event!

Ravens vs. 49ers!

Unfortunately, neither team deserves the Ring this year, in my biased opinion.  Nevertheless, if one has to go home with a Victory, Flacco and the Ravens are the most worthy.  Their quarterback has excelled all my expectations; his accuracy is dead-on, and he can throw bullets 50 yards out no problem.  This will be the biggest game of his life, and I hope he’s up to the challenge of trouncing the 49ers.

RAVENS 34, 49er, 21

Take that to the bank.

Since I, and vicariously, my family, are Vikings and bleed purple for life, we are attired appropriately for today’s game:


Note my son’s face of disgust  at the Vikings absence in this game. He knows.

Vikings 2014!!!!!


Ban Lifted for Women in Combat, and Female Quarterbacks

Ok, so this being my first post in my ‘General Football’ page, I wish it were longer, better, and more palatable. But such is life.
Anyway, I already wrote a post concerning the news that just broke today about the ban on women in combat being lifted in the U.S., but I had a joke that fit nicely into this category.
I was driving home from work when I heard it on a libertarian talk radio show. Someone called in and made the point that there were no female quarterbacks in the NFL, and I thought about that.

And you know what? We do have a female quarterback in the NFL, and her name is Tony Romo!

I bleed purple! SKOL!