As I am just getting started with my blog, I only have a few categories I want to start with and focus on for the time being.  In alphabetical  list they are:

About  –   Simply a category for my bio and what I plan to write about.

Consciousness – Hands down my favorite subject.  I believe I first wrote on this topic when I was 13, and haven’t stopped since!

Epistemology – They study of knowing.  This conundrum has always got me – How do we know, and more importantly, how do we know we know?

General Football – I never watched a game until the beginning of the 2012 regular season.  I feel like a seasoned veteran fan now though.

Ideas –  This category encompasses random thoughts and ideas, as well as any WordPress idea challenges.

Minnesota Vikings –  After studying all the teams in depth, I fell in love with the Vikings.  Skol!

Ontology – Another old favorite of mine.  Existence is the most singular thing in the universe.

Philosophy – A parent category for the other disciplines.

WordPress Ideas – A sub-category under the parent “Ideas.”  I have a feeling WordPress will be giving me lots of writing impetus.

Writer’s Community – This is an important category for me.  I want to build up a bloggers community, not only to get more traffic, but to learn about what

everyone else is doing/thinking.  I want lots of mutual links between myself and other WordPress bloggers by the end of this year!

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