Asperger’s Syndrome and Reviving an old Blog

So I apologize to my blog followers and readers for my disappearance into the abyss of real life.  It happened.  Let’s move on, shall we?

I think it had to have been a record; I created a WordPress account, wrote a few blogs, and within 2 weeks was awarded the WordPress award.  It was fun watching the page visits through the analytics afforded to WordPress users. I think for a straight week my site was being visited on average 300 times a day.  Then it slouched off and the visitor count became ephemeral: something that didn’t quite exist.

Anywho, I remember having some grand plan of highlighting then and now Minnesota Vikings long snapper Cullen Loughler.  I had researched the subject for quite some time and was ready to draw it all together into a palatable reading dish for you all to digest, but then I started having marital difficulties, found out I had Asperger’s Syndrome, and figured out how to make that annoying fart noise that people make by cupping their hands over their armpits and squeezing, except in a new and exciting way with the inside of my knee!

Which brings me to my main point of this rant, if there in fact is one:  That I’m branching out into the wonderful world of Vlogging via YouTube, and I need subscribers and watchers to make the whole thing work.

The basic idea is to chronicle my life with Asperger’s, and (hopefully) successful treatment of the symptoms and underlying causes of said mental illness to the point where I can start functioning at a high level.

Cuz I gotta be honest with you guys:  I’m 31, divorced, no job, and living at my dad’s house.  If that couldn’t get any lamer, I also am loving it!

Seriously though.  If you could please turn your attention to my YouTube account, called ‘Aquashift,’

I’m going to start uploading some Vlogs that should entertain, inform, and give extreme orgasmic pleasure to all who view.

Aaaaaaand … TIME!  It took about 6 minutes to write this.

Please check out my YouTube channel Aquashift.  At the time of writing this I only have one video out now that has audio problems, but I promise more and better things to come.

See ya!

Chris Kirby

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