Good Things to Come

Ok, I have exhausted myself for a few days now doing the necessary research for my next blog.  The blog will be about a certain player in the Vikings – his story, his stats, and the huge imprint he’s leaving on the Vike’s legacy.

I wanted to make this blog a little more concrete than some of the others in terms of how it makes use of logic and statistics to back up its themes and sentiments.  Hopefully it will be posted within a couple days.

2 thoughts on “Good Things to Come

  1. I’m waiting in anticipation… when I was a kid I was pretty convinced my Dad was a Viking. (Red beard – slightly bulging eyes when angry – liked beer – full of energy.) But then one day he told me he used to plait hair for pirates and I started to think – ‘Hang on a minute..that can’t be right.’ From then on I realized I’d you can’t trust adults for a minute…


  2. Hahahaha awesome!
    I’m gonna be writing about one of the least known players in the Vikings club.. But he’s extremely important for the team. Anyway, should be a good read, I’ve literally put at least 10 hours of research into it.


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