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Welcome to The Philosopher’s Blog!

My name is Chris Kirby.  You can read some inscrutable ramblings about myself on the “About” page and its blog associated with it, if you are inclined to do that.  Please read the instructions forthcoming about how to navigate this site so that you get the full experience and not miss a thing!  You never know if the most profound, meaningful, long-lost treasure of your soul is waiting for you somewhere here in my blog site, so you’re gonna need to know how to maneuver through this site in order to find what you need.  I’ve spent some time reordering everything so that my various blogs are categorized under several pages, with the main homepage being static and uncluttered with incoming blogs and other media.

Call me a control freak, or a perfectionist, or a disgruntled nine-to-five slave of society that feels he doesn’t get enough time for self-expression and so bends a blogsite to his will so that everything is HIS way, damn it,  if only for an hour or two a day, and even then, only on a free online site that caters to the artistic oddballs and awkward introverts such as himself.   Either way, you will still have to peruse my writings in a form of my choosing, though not likely difficult unless you find yourself sometimes using your fingers to add and subtract single digit numbers, and/or tend to vote candidates for government in based on their personality traits and hairstyle.

As I was saying, at the top of this, and every page of my website, there are links to all the other pages therein.  If you hover over the page link and then click on the category link below it, you will be taken to all the blogs I’ve written in the particular genre or category.  Clicking on the page link itself without hovering over it will take you to the page itself, which gives a short introduction to all the blogs that it’s sheltering.  Once you’ve read or skipped over that, you can then click on the child link to get to the actual writings.

There is also a site map to the right on every page, but it doesn’t link to the blogs, just the introductory parent sites.

Thank you in advance for your subscription/follow/likes, and your time you took to read my writings.  I have a “Community Page” where I plan on mutually linking to fellow bloggers with if you are interested, as well.  Comments and feedback are always much appreciated as a superb way to sharpen and focus my craft, and will be returned in kind.

Chris Kirby

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